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Though divorce is a relatively common procedure today, that does not lessen the complexity of a divorce proceeding. Every marriage is different, which means every divorce is as well. How much of your assets you will keep, who receives your home, who will pay spousal support, and who retains custody of your children if you have them are all questions that must be answered during the divorce process.

Whether you and your spouse are amicably parting or you are anticipating a long legal battle, you need to take steps to ensure your rights are protected. The best way to do that is by hiring an experienced and aggressive divorce attorney in St. Louis. They will have the legal insight to ensure your voice is heard in the process.

Your divorce settlement could affect the rest of your life. At The Buxner Law Firm, we have over 20 years of legal experience helping people like you get the fair custody, asset division, and support they need.

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Do you qualify for a divorce in Missouri?

In Missouri, divorce petitioners must prove that their marriage is irretrievably broken in order to get a divorce. In some cases, Missouri courts might demand mediation for couples who may be able to work out an agreement outside of court. Even if you do not believe that your marriage is irretrievably broken, a court may still decide to grant your spouse's wish to be divorced.

Missouri laws state that in order to file the divorce petition, both spouses need to state under oath or affirmation that the marriage is irretrievably broken or one of the parties has to state this and the other party must not deny it. Neither party needs to cite fault in Missouri.

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Family Law and Divorce

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, there may be anywhere from 10 to 20 other documents that you will need to acquire, fill out, and submit. Divorce can be a hard road to travel, but it can also lead to freedom and liberation. When you hire us to help you, you can trust that you are getting the guided and professional assistance you need to tackle this process.

At The Buxner Law Firm, we start with a free, in-office, 30-minute consultation to determine what your goals for the divorce are. Then, we will proceed with your case in a way that best works toward achieving those goals. We will do everything right the first time because we know that you don't have the time to waste in your divorce. If you decide that you want to alter the terms of your divorce after it is finalized, we also help pursue modifications. We want to achieve the results you desire as soon as possible.

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